TV Show

Heli-Hunter, presented by Fusion®, airs on Sportsman Channel. Watch as the crew battles North America's out-of-control feral hog population from above.

Heli-Hunter, presented by Fusion®

Take to the skies and strap-in with Craig Meier, Terrell Coleman and the rest of the Heli-Hunter crew on their daily crusade of aerial hog eradication. North America's feral pig population has exploded, and the destructive animals' elusive tendencies make them impossible to control with conventional hunting methods. The Heli-Hunter crew use helicopters to bring the fight to the hogs. In the process, they're doing their part to exterminate the threat—one exciting episode at a time!

Airtimes on Sportsman Channel

New episodes air Sundays at 8:30 p.m. EST.

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