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Fusion MSR Ammo Delivers Customized Performance to Maximize the Effectiveness of Modern Sporting Rifles for Hunting

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Anoka, Minn. - September 10, 2015 - The versatility and popularity of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) means that more sportsmen and women are carrying these shooting platforms in the field each year. Just as MSR shooters frequently modify their rifles with accessories to match their shooting needs, Fusion® MSR ammunition delivers hunters the same degree of customization in ammunition. The result is excellent feeding and functioning on any hunt.

MSRs are versatile, handling everything from tactical to competition, coyotes to elk. Shooters often build these rifles from the ground up to match their specific needs. Fusion® MSR loads provide that same degree of customization in ammunition. The cartridges are specifically designed for hunting, performing to their ballistic peak through 16-inch barrels for AR15 platforms and 20-inch barrels for AR10 platforms. The Fusion bullet transfers tremendous energy on impact for deadly knockdown power.

Features & Benefits
- Primer, propellant, bullet and case are optimized for hunting in MSR actions
- Flawless feeding and function
- Skived bullet tip for long-range expansion
- Molecularly-fused jacket around a pressure-formed core produces excellent accuracy
- Boat-tail bullet design for flatter trajectories and better downrange velocity and energy

Part No. / Description / MSRP
F223MSR1 / .223 Rem. 62-grain Fusion / $27.95
F68MSR1 / 6.8 SPC 115-grain Fusion / $29.95
F308MSR1 / .308 Win. 150-grain Fusion / $30.95
F338FMSR2 / .338 Federal 185-grain Fusion / $37.95

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Fusion MSR Ammo Delivers Customized Performance to Maximize the Effectiveness of Modern Sporting Rifles for Hunting

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