Awards And Recognition

Federal Premium® is known as the ammunition industry's technology leader. Many of our products have won awards from some of the most prestigious organizations

Vital•Shok® Buckshot

Federal Premium® buckshot loads are perfect for a wide array of predator, hog and medium game applications, and their versatility helped secure a 2016 Reader's Choice Award from Predator Xtreme magazine.

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Personal Defense® HST®

Federal Premium® Personal Defense® HST® provides everything needed in a personal defense round: consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. It's performance earned a Golden Bullseye Award for 2015 Ammunition Product of the Year from the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Shooting Illustrated magazine.

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Vital•Shok® Trophy Bonded® Tip

The Trophy Bonded® Tip is different than any other hunting bullet, combining bonded construction and a bone-crushing solid copper shank with a boat-tail design and polymer tip that tighten groups at long range. Its performance was recognized in 2013 with a Reader's Choice Award from Game & Fish magazine.

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Woodleigh® Hydro Solid

When targeting the largest and most dangerous game, hunters have long relied on solid, non-expanding bullets that blow through bone and thick hide. The new Woodleigh® Hydro Solid offers that same unstoppable penetration while also creating a massive wound channel and large entry cavity that won't close. The solid copper-alloy bullet accomplishes this thanks to a concave nose positioned ahead of a flared pressure ring. Combined, these create a low-pressure "cavitation bubble" that destroys tissue around the bullet and stabilize its line of travel through heavy bone.

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New shooters and those who need lower recoil will appreciate Federal Premium's new Mag-Shok™ HEAVYWEIGHT® turkey load. Available in 12-gauge, 2-3/4-inch in shot size #6 or #7, it's designed for taking down big gobblers while delivering less felt recoil to the shooter's shoulder. Featuring 1-1/4-ounce HEAVYWEIGHT shot for 47 percent less felt recoil than 3-inch loads. The HEAVYWEIGHT payload delivers more penetration energy and similar pellet count as a 3-inch, #5 lead round. The rear-braking FLITECONTROL wad keeps shot streams on target for exceptionally effective patterns.

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Vital-Shok™ Trophy® Copper Rifle

Federal Premium's new rifle line, Vital-Shok Trophy® Copper, feature a Polymer tipped bullet cavity to optimize expansion across a broad range of velocities. Available in a wide range of calibers and bullet weights, these copper-alloy offerings maintain up to 99 percent of their weight after impact for devastating downrange performance. A grooved bullet shank provides for increased accuracy. This big game bullet demonstrated superior penetration and expansion when tested by Field & Stream editors.

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Prairie Storm™ FS Lead™

Federal Premium's Prairie Storm is a specialized pheasant load available in 12- and 20-gauge. Prairie Storm capitalizes on the proven FLITECONTROL® wad and a unique mix of nickel-plated FLITESTOPPER® (FS) Lead and copper-plated lead pellets for full patterns at a variety of distances. This long-range performance pairs with excellent retained velocity to deliver powerful, consistent and lethal loads.

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Black Cloud® Snow Goose

Federal Premium's Black Cloud Snow Goose steel loads are an extension of the original Black Cloud line and feature the proprietary and revolutionary FLITECONTROL® wad and FLITESTOPPER® (FS) steel shot. These loads give hunters an impressive muzzle velocity of 1635 feet per second for extra effectiveness on geese. Federal's unique FLITECONTROL wad again delivers this payload in uniform patterns with edge-to-edge consistency. Field & Stream magazine chose these extra-fast loads because of their added energy downrange and the fact that they cut down the need for longer leads seen with white goose hunting.

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Vital-Shok™ Trophy Bonded® Tip

Federal Premium's Trophy Bonded® Tip has emerged as the most complete big game bullet. It combines great weight retention, accuracy and penetration. It's ideal for all types of big game. Field & Stream recognized it for superb accuracy, expansion and excellent shot-to-shot consistency.

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Personal Defense® Hydra-Shok® JHP .327 Federal Magnum

Federal Premium's .327 Federal Magnum received a Golden Bullseye award from American Rifleman at the NRA Annual Meeting. Federal Premium developed this cartridge for its real-world appeal. The .327 Federal Magnum is built on the .32 caliber platform, but gets near .357 Magnum ballistics. This makes it an ideal conceal-carry caliber and a viable backup option for law enforcement.

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Mag-Shok™ 20-ga HEAVYWEIGHT® Turkey Loads

Unlike all other wads, Federal's FLITECONTROL® opens from the rear to give you unbelievable patterns and extend your effective range. Field & Stream awarded Ammunition of the Year to the Mag-Shok™ 20-gauge turkey loads featuring HEAVYWEIGHT® shot and the FLITECONTROL wad.

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