Education Training Aids

We have created brochures, blank ammo kits, training videos and other educational materials for use by hunting and shooting educators, 4-H, Scouts, and NRA trainers. For all order inquiries, please contact

Ammunition Basics

Item Number: XAAXFE96685

Unit Price: FREE

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Shotshell Reloading Data

Item Number: XAAXFE97765

Unit Price: FREE

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Wildlife Pamphlets

Item Number:
Small Game and Furbearers: XAAXFE94429
Ducks, Geese & Swans: XAAXFE93082

Unit Price: $1.00 per pamphlet

The Gospel According to Federal Poster

Full color, two-sided, 3' x 2' poster. Designed for classroom use. Contains images of ammunition construction, bullet types and side-by-side photos of 25 rifle cartridges.

Item Number: XAPFED0107

Unit Price: $3.00

Unprimed Shotshell ID Kit

Box of unprimed color-coded shotshells including 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410.

Item Number: XAAXFE140

Unit Price: $5.00


Shot-Size 12" Ruler

Clear acrylic ruler.

Item Number: XAAXFE93063

Unit Price: $3.00

Ammo 101 DVD

This 45 minute DVD has four chapters: Rimfire, Centerfire, Shotshell and The Bullet Breakdown.

Item Number: XAAXFEFP26

Unit Price: $5.00

4-in-1 Shooting Instruction DVD

This instructional video teaches how to instruct new shooters in: 1) Basic Rifle Shooting 2) Basic Pistol Shooting 3)Basic Shotgun Shooting 4) Flying Targets.

Item Number: XAAXFE22462

Unit Price: $5.00



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