Safari or dangerous game hunts can be once-in-a-lifetime. You get one shot. Why trust it to anything less than the best? Federal Premium® proudly loads the toughest bullets with maximum energy and penetration, so you know these loads will stop anything in its tracks. That’s why more professional hunters and guides recommend Cape•Shok® ammunition when facing the largest and most dangerous game.

Cape•Shok® Swift® A-Frame®

Those who hunt game that hunts back trust their lives to Federal Premium® Swift® A-Frame® loads. The bonded front core and progressively tapered jacket produce controlled expansion and energy release. The design eventually stops expansion and maintains a longer shank for deep penetration.

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Dangerous Game9.3x62mm Mauser2862360Swift® A-Frame®


Dangerous Game9.3x74R2862360Swift® A-Frame®


Dangerous Game370 Sako Magnum2862550Swift® A-Frame®
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Cape•Shok® Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw

Jack Carter designed it. Federal Premium® perfected it. The world-famous Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw® is a deadly-reliable bullet for large, heavy game—from Africa to Alaska and everywhere in between. Its bonded jacket and core retain more than 95 percent of the bullet’s weight for deep penetration and dump as much energy as possible on impact.

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Dangerous Game375 H&H Magnum3002400Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Dangerous Game375 H&H Magnum3002600Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Dangerous Game416 Rigby4002300Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®
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Cape•Shok® Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid

Jack Carter’s legendary Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid bonds the core to a thick brass jacket to achieve bone-crushing penetration. Its flat nose minimizes deflection for a straight, deep wound cavity, and the grooved shank improves accuracy across an array of rifle platforms.

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Dangerous Game375 H&H Magnum3002440Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid


Dangerous Game416 Rigby4002370Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid


Dangerous Game416 Rem. Magnum4002400Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid
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Cape•Shok® Woodleigh® Hydro Solid

When targeting the largest game, hunters have long relied on solid, non-expanding bullets that blow through bone and thick hide. Woodleigh™ Hydro Solid loads offer that same unstoppable penetration while also creating a massive wound channel and large entry cavity that won’t close.

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Dangerous Game9.3x62mm Mauser2862360Woodleigh™ Hydro Solid


Dangerous Game9.3x74R2862360Woodleigh™ Hydro Solid


Dangerous Game370 Sako Magnum2862450Woodleigh™ Hydro Solid
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Premium Rifle Technologies

Federal Premium created the premium category of rifle ammunition in 1977, when we first combined the finest bullets with our world-class brass, primers and propellants. We're still the industry's technology leader.

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Premium Gear

For decades Federal has been known to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition available. From the field to the office, show off your support of Federal Premium.

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