American Eagle®

Train effectively and often with American Eagle® rifle loads. These rounds are ideal for the range and produce ballistics that closely match comparable hunting or competition target loads.

American Eagle® Rifle

American Eagle® rifle is quality ammunition loaded for pounding targets. It achieves performance that closely matches comparable Federal Premium® loads for the ultimate real-world practice.

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Target Shooting, Training, Practice224 Valkyrie753000Total Metal Jacket


Target Shooting, Training, Practice223 Rem.752775Total Metal Jacket


Target Shooting, Training, Practice6.5 Grendel1202610Open Tip Match
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American Eagle® Rifle Suppressor

American Eagle® Rifle Suppressor rounds perform to their ballistic peak in suppressed firearms, thanks to carefully selected propellants, bullet weights and primers. Their sub-sonic loading eliminates the super-sonic “crack” suppressors can’t silence. In addition, special clean-burning powders minimize fouling while reliably functioning in semi-automatic firearms. Suppressor loads are priced for volume shooting.

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Target Shooting, Training, Practice300 Blackout2201000Open Tip Match
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American Eagle® Varmint

High-volume varmint hunters can get deadly long-range performance at an affordable price with American Eagle® Varmint rounds. The jacketed hollow-point bullet is accurate, reliable and provides terminal performance that instantly puts down tough varmints.

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Varmints, Predators, Small Game223 Rem.503325Jacketed Hollow Point


Varmints, Predators, Small Game22-250 Rem.503850Jacketed Hollow Point
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American Eagle® Varmint & Predator

Combine accuracy, consistency and an affordable price tag, and the result is the perfect round for the avid varmint hunter. American Eagle® Varmint & Predator loads feature reloadable brass and Federal® primers with a jacketed hollow point bullet that expands explosively on impact for maximum lethality.

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Varmints, Predators, Small Game6.5 Grendel903000Speer® TNT®


Varmints, Predators, Small Game6.8 SPC902990Speer® TNT®


Varmints, Predators, Small Game17 Hornet203610Tipped Varmint
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Premium Rifle Technologies

Federal Premium created the premium category of rifle ammunition in 1977, when we first combined the finest bullets with our world-class brass, primers and propellants. We're still the industry's technology leader.

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Premium Gear

For decades Federal has been known to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition available. From the field to the office, show off your support of Federal Premium.

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