Premium® Personal Defense®

When lives hang in the balance, you need ammunition proven to stop any threat. Federal Premium® Personal Defense® loads are up to the task, thanks to the best bullets, propellants, primers and brass. Chamber any round from our wide array of options and know you’ll be ready if the moment comes.

Personal Defense® HST

Federal Premium® Personal Defense® HST® offers everything needed in a personal defense round: consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. That’s why it’s already the duty load of choice for law enforcement officers throughout the world.

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Personal Defense38 Special +P130890HST®


Personal Defense9mm Luger1471000HST®


Personal Defense380 Auto991030HST®
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Personal Defense® Hydra•Shok®

For time-tested personal defense, choose Federal Premium® Hydra-Shok®. The bullet's center-post hollow-point design provides optimized penetration with consistent, threat-stopping expansion.

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Personal Defense32 Auto65925Hydra-Shok®


Personal Defense9mm Luger1241120Hydra-Shok®


Personal Defense9mm Luger1471000Hydra-Shok®
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Personal Defense® Hydra•Shok® Low Recoil

Get all of the power and proven performance of Hydra-Shok® with less recoil. Low Recoil loads significantly reduce kick, improving accuracy and target acquisition.

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PD327HS1 H

Personal Defense327 Federal Magnum851400Hydra-Shok®

PD380HS1 H

Personal Defense380 Auto901000Hydra-Shok®


Personal Defense9mm Luger1351060Hydra-Shok®
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Premium Handgun Technologies

From hunting to target shooting to personal defense, Federal Premium has pioneered the industry's most important handgun ammunition technologies. We continue to innovate and it shows in every product in our handgun line.

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Premium Gear

For decades Federal has been known to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition available. From the field to the office, show off your support of Federal Premium.

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