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Fusion® Handgun bullets feature the same molecularly fused construction as their rifle counterparts for the toughness, accuracy and terminal performance short-barrel hunters need. The loads’ bullet weights and velocities have also been optimized to be lethal on deer without punishing the shooter.

100 % weight retention 44 Rem Mag“I retrieved 2 perfectly formed mushroomed slugs from inside the chest cavity of the large buck I shot this year.
I us...” - StevePav

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PART #UseCaliberBullet Weight GrainsMuzzle VelocityBullet StyleReviews


Medium Game357 Magnum1581240Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game41 Rem. Magnum2101230Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game50 Action Express3001500Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game44 Rem. Magnum2401290Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game454 Casull2601350Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game460 S&W2601600Fusion® Soft Point


Medium Game500 S&W3251450Fusion® Soft Point

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From hunting to target shooting to personal defense, Federal Premium has pioneered the industry's most important handgun ammunition technologies. We continue to innovate and it shows in every product in our handgun line.

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For decades Federal has been known to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition available. From the field to the office, show off your support of Federal Premium.

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